Pet Dentistry Ballina

At Ballina Veterinary Hospital, we are fully equipped for both routine and complex dental procedures. We place a strong emphasis on dental hygiene and feel it is important for your pet's general health to maintain a healthy mouth. Our dental services include; ultrasonic scaling, polishing, teeth removal, periodontics and endodontics.

We can also assess any teething or bite and jaw abnormalities for young pets as they grow. These may be retained baby teeth, unerupted or impacted teeth—we aim to catch these early and intervene if necessary.

Thanks to our in-house radiography services, we can perform dental x-rays as needed to quickly find the cause of any issues.
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Ultrasonic Scaling

Sometimes physically brushing your pet's teeth isn't enough to remove built-up tartar and bacteria. That's why our team uses the latest ultrasonic scaling techniques to provide an unrivalled clean. Most of the time, pets are anaesthetised for this procedure, so there is no discomfort.


Want your cat or dog to look their best? Whether it's for a photo or even a competition, our vets can give their teeth a thorough polish. This will ensure they are shiny, white and looking as healthy as possible. The process is quick and completely painless for the animals.

Tooth Extraction

Extracting a tooth from predator animals, such as dogs and cats, is much more difficult compared to humans. These teeth are designed to never come out! However, in cases of severe decay or a broken tooth, one or more teeth may need to be extracted.

Thankfully, our team has been doing this for years, and knows the quickest extraction techniques that cause minimal pain or post-operation complications.


Periodontics is concerned with the gums of the mouth, most particularly gum disease and oral inflammation. These are quite common problems, which usually occur as a result of poor dental hygiene. Our vets provide a range of medical prevention advice, diagnosis and treatments for gum problems.


Endodontics primarily focuses on the internal pulp of a tooth, most often connected with root canal therapy. These treatments may save the function of a dead or fractured tooth.

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