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Special Offers

Free Dental Checks

Dog-Smile-2Let our nurses check your pet’s mouth for signs of plaque, tartar and gingivitis for FREE

We will perform a quick oral examination that will determine the condition of your pet’s mouth. We will give you a dental chart showing the problem areas. Should your pet need a dental we will give you an estimate of the costs and the time frame that it should be performed. Most importantly we can educate you on dental hygiene and how you can limit tartar build up in the future. To perform a dental an anaesthetic is required. All tartar can be removed by using dental instruments similar to those that are used to clean our teeth and teeth which are badly decayed will be removed. Your pet might need a short course of antibiotics to control infection. We believe that regular cleans will help prevent serious problems from dental disease in the future. Nurse check will be conducted on Wednesdays and Fridays please ring for an appointment.

New Family Friend Special

Have you recently welcomed a new puppy into your family? All new arrivals that have puppy or kitten vaccinations with Ballina Veterinary Hospital receive a booklet which gives owners an idea of expenses and what to expect behaviorally from their new pet. The information in this booklet will explain the importance of such things as vaccinations, worm treatments, and training. It will also give you the idea of the costs associated with the first 12 months of your new pet’s time with you.

B.V.H Animal Biggest Loser – weight management program

dog-on-scaleResearch has shown that nearly half the Australian population of dogs and cats is overweight. Weight gain normally results from an increase in body fat caused by portions being too large especially when combined with a lack of exercise. Health problems appear when body fat exceeds 15% above ideal body weight. Some of these problems include diabetes mellitus, fatty liver disease, skin complaints, breathing difficulties, tumors and arthritis.

If you think your pet is overweight or have been told on a recent visit to the clinic that this is the case, there is no need to feel alone. We as a practice are here to help you and your family tailor a weight management program.

Not only will joining this program provide your pet with a better quality of life but you will also receive complete support from staff with a personal folder containing information on food, exercise and weekly weighing to keep track of your progress.

Please contact us at the clinic on 02 66864889 or drop in to 14 River street if you would like further information on any of the specials mentioned above.

Company Specials and Promotions

Flea Treatment Reminders

Need help in remembering when your pet’s next flea treatment is due? If you are using the below products register your details on their website (links provided) and receive a text message and or email to remind you when it is time to treat your pet with their next monthly flea treatment.

Advantage, Advocate & Profender

Sentinel Chews


Comfortis Chewables

Revolution Rewards – Earn a Free 3-Pack of revolution

When you buy Revolution which is a combined flea, intestinal & heart worm and ear mite preventable treatment either for your cat or dog you will receive a rewards card that will be stamped at each purchase. When 12 months (12 pipettes) of Revolution have been purchased you will receive a 3-pack of Revolution Free

New to the Market

Microchip Catflap, give your cat its own back door key.

This microchip cat flap recognizes your cat’s unique microchip number and only opens for them. It stops unwanted animals entering your home. The internal scanner can store up to 32 microchip numbers enough for a whole family of cats. It is battery operated and is easily installed in most door types including glass. For more information on this great product contact the clinic.