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Puppy Pre School

Ballina Puppy preschool is a fun, safe environment for you and your puppy to learn life skills.

Our puppy classes at Ballina Vet Hospital are run by our veterinary nurse Hannah Hourigan.

The class structure is based on Dr Kersti Seksel’s Hills Puppy Preschool course. Dr Seksel is a veterinary specialist in Animal Behaviour and in 1992 she developed Puppy Preschool in veterinary clinics accross Australia.

Annie Graduation from Puppy schoolOwning a puppy is very exciting – they are sure to be a bundle of energy and lots of fun! They also bring responsibilities, and it’s very important that we help them off on the right paw. Just like Children, they need to be taught the rules right from the beginning. Puppy preschools aim to teach puppies good manners and socialisation from an early age and to educate owners on responsible pet ownership. Teaching good manners as a puppy enables them to grow into confident, friendly and sociably acceptable adult dogs. They grow into easy to manage adult dogs which you are proud to call a member of your family.

Our Puppy Preschool aims to:

Educate owners on the responsibility of socialising your puppy, and allow puppies to socialise in a safe and controlled environment.

Teach puppies good manners, and some basic verbal cues using humane training methods.

Educate owners on puppy development, normal and abnormal puppy behaviour and basic pet care, including advice on issues such as toilet training, mouthing, jumping and chewing.

Be informative and to encourage your puppy to feel happy and comfortable when visiting the Veterinary Hospital.

Puppies should be taught the skills of socialising from 4 – 14 weeks of age, and any experiences the puppy has during this time can greatly affect behaviour into adulthood. Dogs that have not had exposure to different people, dogs and situations during this time are more likely to become hyperactive, agressive, difficult to train, antisocial and fearful. To develop into normal, friendly and confident adults, puppies need to be handled regularly and socialised with other puppies and people, so that they learn how to communicate and learn right from wrong. They need to be exposed to new experiences in a non-threatening way, whilst avoiding the disease risks of mixing with other dogs in public places.

Puppies (and their owners) also need to learn what acceptable sociable behaviour is. Something that is considered “cute” at 6 weeks may not be when your dog is bigger! It is important to start them off on the right paw, as it is much easier to teach the puppy the correct behaviour first, rather than try and correct bad behaviour later, when the pup has had 6 months or more to learn it. We are here to help you to recognise potential behaviour problems before they get out of control.

Puppy Preschool is both a safe and fun way to socialise your puppy, and start them off with the basics of training. Here they will learn good manners, which include basic verbal cues such as “Come”, “Sit”, “Drop”, “Stay” and how to walk on a lead. We also have play sessions so your puppy will actually love coming to see us! What is important is that Puppy Preschool is not simply an obedience course for young dogs.

In the course we will also cover such things as:

* Dog behaviour

* Handling your puppy

* Grooming

* Pill giving

* Nail clipping and dental care

* Toilet training

We will cover Health care topics including : Vaccinations, Nutrition, Parasite prevention and control.

Our courses run for one hour each week for 4 weeks and only a small number of puppies will be admitted to each course, so there will be plenty of time to give individual attention to each puppy. It is essential to book in advance to secure a place. Puppies must be aged between 7 and 14 weeks to start the course. They must of course be healthy, vaccinated and wormed.

Adult Group Classes

Once your puppy has graduated from Puppy Preschool, we recommend adult group training with the following:

Lissie Walton The Furry Dogmother
House calls, behavioural advice, modification & support
Phone 0412 351 589 Website

Canine Perspective Dog Training,
Sarah Rutten 6681 5336 / 0405 535 336 Website

Brunswick Head/Byron Shire Barco Dog Training,
Brunswick Heads 6680 4421 / 0404 966 831. Facebook page: Barco Dog

Sophies K9 Park
Daycare options, Training and obedience, Socialisation, Behavioural problems, agility park and complex skills – 0401 934 576