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Free Dental Checks

Dog-Smile-2Let our nurses check your pet’s mouth for signs of plaque, tartar and gingivitis for FREE

We will perform a quick oral examination that will determine the condition of your pet’s mouth. We will give you a dental chart showing the problem areas. Should your pet need a dental we will give you an estimate of the costs and the time frame that it should be performed. Most importantly we can educate you on dental hygiene and how you can limit tartar build up in the future. To perform a dental an anaesthetic is required. All tartar can be removed by using dental instruments similar to those that are used to clean our teeth and teeth which are badly decayed will be removed. Your pet might need a short course of antibiotics to control infection. We believe that regular cleans will help prevent serious problems from dental disease in the future. Nurse check will be conducted on Wednesdays and Fridays please ring for an appointment.